Blue Bombers Announce Home Venue

by UFL Staff

CHICAGO, IL -- The Chicago Blue Bombers Football team is excited to announce that Aurora University Vago Field will serve as their new home stadium for the upcoming season. The team has been searching for a new home after plans to build their facility were put on hold until next season, and Aurora University's Vago Field was a perfect choice.

Aurora University Vago Field is a state-of-the-art facility that provides a perfect venue for the Chicago Blue Bombers Football team. The field has a seating capacity of a few thousand and features an artificial turf playing surface, making it ideal for football games. The facility also boasts ample parking space for fans and easy access from major highways in the area.

"We are thrilled to partner with Aurora University and call Vago Field our new home," said UFL Commissioner Joe McClendon III. "This is an exciting opportunity for our team, and we look forward to playing in such a great facility." The Chicago Blue Bombers Football team is a member of the United Football League, and 2023 will serve as the team's inaugural season. The team hopes to build a strong reputation for exciting, high-scoring games and a loyal fan base in the Chicago area.

The Chicago Blue Bombers Football team's first home game at Aurora University's Vago Field is scheduled for Sunday, April 30th, against the Oklahoma City Wranglers. Tickets for the game and the entire season are available for purchase.

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